AMP is an open-source HTML framework that provides a straightforward way to create web pages that are fast, smooth-loading and prioritize the user-experience above all else

Business Benefits

Web page speed improves the user experience and core business metrics

AMP pages load near instantly, enabling you to offer a consistently fast experience across all devices and platforms.

Building AMP pages is easy and reduces developer overhead

You can often convert your entire archive in days especially if you use a popular CMS such as Wordpress or Drupal.

AMP can be applied across various web touch points

Used by popular and global platforms like Google, Bing and Twitter, AMP allows you to ensure users from all these surfaces get an unparalleled, often instantaneous and native-feeling experience by defaulting to AMP pages when available.

Developer Benefits

Maintain flexibility and control and reduce complexity in your code

You can use CSS to customize your styling, dynamic data to fetch the freshest data where needed, to build the best possible userexperience for your customers.

Building blocks that ensure performance

It takes a lot of time and effort to build a great website. AMP components are already optimized for the best performance.

Build for a sustainable future in the open web for everyone

The AMP Project is an open source initiative to protect the future of the web helping everyone deliver a better, faster more user-friendly experience.